California Guided Pathways Project

Institute Two

California Guided Pathways Project Institute two

Pathway Design I: Mapping Pathways Through the Institution

November 30-December 2, 2017, at The Bakersfield Marriott at the Convention Center in Bakersfield, California.


  • Reinforce the case for implementing pathways at scale and outline strategies for making that case intentionally and effectively at the institution.
  • Review models and processes for organizing programs into meta-majors/communities of interest.
  • Build processes and timeline for mapping pathways at the institution that include the identification of milestone courses, identification of “the right math,” recommended general education courses, and recommended electives for each program.
  •  Identify  strategies  and  timeline  for  reviewing  student  learning  outcomes/competencies  through  all  program course sequences and ensure that these competencies align to program-level outcomes, transfer programs, and careers.
  • Produce  draft  action  plans  that  delineate  next  steps  in  taking  pathways  reforms  to  scale  at  the  institution,  specifically  incorporating  strategies  for  broad  campus  engagement  and  needs  for professional development and technical assistance.