California Guided Pathways Project

Partner Organizations

Project Champions
The California Guided Pathways Project is directed by the California-based National Center for Inquiry & Improvement and coordinated by the Foundation for California Community Colleges. A broad-based group of representatives from colleges, system offices, technical assistance providers, and advocacy organizations are supporting improving student completion rates through the California Guided Pathways model.

Project partners include:

Initial Partner Colleges
The California Guided Pathways project was piloted at three colleges whose experiences informed the remaining phases. 

Bakersfield College
Irvine Valley College
Mt. San Antonio College

Supported by
The California Guided Pathways project is made possible through the generous support from the following partners.

National Partners
The California Guided Pathways project was inspired by the American Association of Community Colleges (AACC) Pathways Project and draws from a model informed by the follow national partners.