California Guided Pathways Project




AACC Guided Pathways
Includes information on the national project and work being done in other states

Bakersfield California Guided Pathways
Includes information on the planning process for the California initiative


Guided Pathways: Planning,
Implementation & Evaluation

Infographic describing the key elements of implementing guided pathways

Guided Pathways Demystified
Responses to ten commonly asked questions and concerns about implementing guided pathways

What is the Guided Pathways Model? 
Article by Bakersfield college on interpreting guided pathways for California

The Movement Toward Pathways
Description of the origins of the guided pathways reform movement


Community College Resource Center PowerPoint and Excel model for calculating the enrollment and apportionment benefits of guided pathways.



Implementing Guided Pathways: Early
Insights from the AACC Pathways Colleges

A report providing insight into how colleges are planning and implementing guided pathways reforms.